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.NET 2.0

With the release of .NET framework 2.0 in November 2005, significant and exciting changes have been applied to ASP.NET

A long list of enhancements include close to 50 new web controls including gridview, navigation controls like treeview, menu, site map path , login controls like loginview, ChangePassword, CreateUserWizard, wizard control etc.

A flexible and extensible provider model to handle memberships, webparts and data access is one of the more exciting changes as well. Now with 2.0 we have ability to create XML-based sitemaps and have controls at our disposal that consume this rich model. Combine that with the new ways of data access to any datasource and controls that bind to SQL server or any other database, XML and more importantly custom business objects, and we have a very "developer-friendly" framework.

To see what you need to start developing ASP.NET applications click here


Generics is a new concept in .NET similar to the templates concept in C++. With Generics to our help, we no longer need to write custom collections to have strongly typed collections of our custom business objects. No need to cast the collection items to our business objects, as they perform in Type-Safe manner. This lead to performance lacking due to fact that we had to cast it, especially when using the forach loop, in the previous versions. Not anymore.
Visit these 2 sites for more information on generics :

Purpose of this site

Though I have been working (and am .NET certified) with .NET 1.1 for some time now, I have just started using .NET 2.0. While learning and creating solutions with new technology, there are lot of areas where you have to research across the web to get a certain aspect of the technology working. Though Microsoft tends to do a pretty good job with MSDN, we still need sample codes sometimes to understand some concepts.
It is the intent of this site to collect all such research related items in a one location and I will keep adding all the "gotcha" situations and what solutions were found for them and how.
We hope this will help the programming community in its own small way.

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